Making use of Recycled Stone

recycled stoneBuilding a new house, a wall or a driveway with reclaimed stone is a fantastic idea, it is an artistic idea and if youre considering it, go for it!. Reclaimed natural stone tends to last longer than artificial building materials as well as looking beautiful, natural, and stylish. Reclaimed stone can usually be sourced quite easily, and are economic as well as environmentaly friendly, and this is because they are taken from other buildings and would otherwise be dumped somewhere or destroyed and both of those options would be degrading to the environment. Destroying stones adds a carbon footprint to the atmosphere while dumping stones changes the ecological balance of the dumping site.

Yorkstone from Old Structures

Old buildings, mills for example or houses out in the country are the best places to reclaim stones as the stones have been weathered over time allowing them to attain a natural look. If you live in a part of the country or place where there are old mills scattered about then you will also have lots of stones that can be reclaimed. Many stone mills will have experienced severe weather patterns over the years meaning the Yorkstone available in those places will have lived through a variety of weather conditions, cold, and heat and will have passed the test of time. Your house or stone structure will therefore exhibit the same endurance if you build it with recycled stone.

Reclaimed Stone on Kitchen Floors

A kitchen with a traditional design needs to have a stone floor to complete its classic look. To get that look, you will need to find reclaimed quality yorkstone flags. These give the kitchen floor an old but solid look. Old structures that used to have heavy traffic such as churches, public houses, or public buildings are among the best places for reclaiming building stones for kitchen floors. The heavy traffic gives a natural and smooth finish to the kitchen floor. The reclaimed stones are also great if you hope to install under floor heating system.

Exterior Stone Walls

You can get a Victorian look on your external walls if you choose to use recycled stone from old public buildings, Victorian homes, as well as Edwardian homes. Such reclaimed stones will have gone through natural wear and therefore give your new wall an old Yorkshire appearance. If you intend to build in a village with old houses, the look will blend in well with other homes. You are also doing your bit for the environment by keeping the new house’s carbon footprint at a minimum, and the local residents will be happy.

Yorkstone on Roofs

It is common these days to find concrete tiles or clay tiles being used on roofs. These do not look natural and will often give a building an artificial appearance. The use of reclaimed stone on roofing can give any new home a natural roofing finish that blends in with the rest of the homes. A recycled stone roof will also out last the concrete and clay roofs because the stone is naturally stronger than concrete or clay.

Use Of Recycled Stone On Apertures

Reclaimed stones decorate door and window apertures better than artificial building materials. The recycled stone’s natural look adds to the beauty of the windows and doors. It gives the impression of strength, art, and class that has been preserved over the years. They eliminate the cheap look of modern building materials.

Garden Stone Walls

Gardens look much better when they have a natural stone wall around them. Recycled stone, when used as a garden wall, the natural stone will give the garden an aged look.

Recycled Stone on Driveway Pavements

Recycled stone paving can be used to build driveways making them strong and looking naturally beautiful. Concrete may need to be reinforced to ensure that it does not crack when there is heavy traffic using the driveway. That is not the case with reclaimed yorkstone. Yorkstone is naturally hard and will ensure that your driveway lasts. In fact, today there still exist many Roman era roads that were paved with natural stone.

We hope that this recycled building stone guide has been informative, and will help you enjoy building with natural stones such as yorkstone.