5 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Stone against New Stone

Here are 5 great reasons to use natural reclaimed stone on any building project.

natural reclaimed stoneNowadays we are spoilt for choice with the amount of building materials and styles available for use in and around the home and garden to help improve how something looks and feels or simply to make you happy, but you can always rely on reclaimed stone for a quality finish that will last a lifetime.

Natural stone is very versatile product that is good for both indoor and outdoor and it can be used in various ways.

Reclaimed Yorkstone flags and cobbles are ideal for pathways, driveways and patios and building stone is perfect for garages and property extensions well as fireplaces or maybe as a window sill, outside you can use it for walls around the garden and in most landscaping projects it will really bring things to life.

New stone can also be used in all of the above mentioned cases but the reclaimed stone wins most arguments hands down:

How it Looks – Natural Yorkstone continues to improve with age, the weathering process just enhances the stone and creates creates character and individuality as well as always giving off a look of quality.

Colour and style Matching – Often new stone can look out of place if it used to build an extension on an older home but a good reclamation yard or stone merchant should be able to help you pick reclaimed building stone that instantly blends in to your property or project.

It has great Durability – Yorkstone really is a material with fantastic durability, across the north of England you will see many old properties built from this product that are still as good as new. in fact in most cases reclaimed natural stone will outlast us!.

It’s Environmentally Friendly – Using Reclaimed Yorkstone means you are doing your bit for the environment, it is much friendlier to the planet than many other building materials. When manufacturing products such as concrete and cement the amount of waste and carbon emissions used can be phenomonal.

Price and Cost – In many cases reclaimed Yorkstone will be typically cheaper than newly quarried products while having the same if not better hardwearing durability.

At Steptoes Yard we have mountains of reclaimed Yorkstone available for delivery across the UK, call the yard on 01254 233227 for details on our current stock and products available.